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Hello! I’m Matt, a thirty something ER nurse carving out my way in life. When in nursing school I racked up quite the amount of student loan debt. I also have a pretty big chunk of personal debt through credit cards. You can read more about how I racked up debt here. After several years of making little in the way of progress, I had a debt get up off the floor moment. I realized I was spending too much time nursing debt instead of paying down debt. I started this blog to catalog my debt frustrations and track my financial independence journey.



So what happens when you graduate from nursing school with student loan debt and had some poor spending habits that caused you to build up even more debt? You end up with about one hundred thousand dollars of student loan debt including a car payment and some credit card debt. I had a get up off my floor moment where I finally got to know my debt very well.

In 2011, I graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in nursing (you can read more about my nursing career here).  What also came with my degree was over seventy thousand dollars in student loan debt.  I never really thought about the impact that taking out student loans would have on my post college career.  So while I was in college I didn’t think about my debt.

Until recently, I was also bad with budgeting and making sure I stuck to a budget.  Over the years I’ve also racked up over twelve thousand dollars in credit card debt as well.

Since I graduated, I have only been paying the minimum payments on my credit card and student loan bills.  I’ve barely made a dent.  I call this nursing debt:  the act of making the minimum payments on debt for dozens of years while simultaneously losing thousands of dollars in paid interest.  

This blog is about my debt journey and my road to becoming debt free.  Join me.  I could use some tips.

Since I’ve gotten to know my debt, I’ve been serious about trying to bring my debt down as well as saving for a property to get out of the rental market. I’ve managed to pay down several thousand dollars since the inception of this blog and you can read my debt payoff updates here.

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Five Must Read Books For Every Person Who Is In Debt

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Debt Payoff Update: Spring Quarterly Review

During Spring I said good-bye to over seven thousand dollars of debt. Here's how I did it and here are my financial goals going forward through the summer. Quarterly Financial Review Goals are a great thing to have. I typically like to break goals down between monthly...
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Debt Payoff Update For June 2017

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What I Learned About Paying Taxes This Year

Taxes have always been dreaded for me to do. It's just a month after the legal tax filing date and those that have filed their taxes on time have probably already seen their returns. This year I learned a couple of key things that will help me save more money next...
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