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Reader Question: What Do You Do With Card Money?

I have a question for all of the readers out there: what do you do with the extra money you earn from cards such as your birthday, Christmas, or any other events and holidays? Gift Card Money – What To Do With It? A few days ago it was my birthday. I received a generous amount of cash in one of my birthday cards and I’m torn on what to do with the amount. One option would be to apply the cash to my debt. The other option would be to have some fun with it. Dave Ramsey would...

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The Illinois Pension Problem: Should You Trust Someone Else With Your Nest Egg?

The Illinois pension fund is a mess. There is a real chance that people will not receive the retirement money that the state had promised them. In lieu of problematic pension funds across the country, is it safe to trust someone else on building your retirement fund? The Illinois Pension Problem For some people the aspects of having job that offers a pension can be a career deciding factor. In theory, pensions are a great source of retirement income. Older pensions, and still quite a few existing pension offers are written so that they provide a pretty generous fixed...

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Minimum Wage Debate: Is It Becoming More Acceptable To Not Tip In Restaurants?

As minimum wage laws continue to increase, small businesses continue to pass on the buck to the consumer. Some argue passed on expensive make minimum wage increases completely ineffective. One such industry that is changing as minimum wage laws change is the restaurant industry. Many restaurants are changing the way their employees are paid. This begs the question, is it now okay to no longer tip in restaurants? When Is It Okay To Not Tip A Waiter? Minimum wage laws have changed the way many restaurants are conducting business. For example, here in San Diego some restaurants are increasing menu...

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Earning More Money Or Decreasing Your Spending – What’s Better To Do?

­ When faced with a savings goal or working on paying down debt there seems to be two options on how to do that: earning more money or decreasing your spending. Which one is the better option? Should You Focus On Earning More Money or Decreasing Your Spending? For those of us who are in debt there seems to be a couple different schools of thought: earning more money or decreasing your spending. Some people tend to put a lot of effort into one or the other. However, I think people should focus both on earning more money AND...

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Lending Friends Money: Is It Worth It?

We have all been in a situation where someone has asked us to borrow money – our hard earned money. Is friends money a good idea? Is lending money to a friend going to delay your debt payoff? These are all good questions to ask. Let’s talk a little bit about lending money to a friend. Is It Wise Lending Friends Money? Most of us have been in a position where we have had a friend come up to us and ask us to borrow money. If you haven’t, you soon will at some point. Not too long ago I...

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