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Study: People Don’t Save For Vacations

Back in April I took a trip from San Diego, California to Playa Del Carmen in Mexico. The trip was phenomenal and the coastline and beaches of Playa del Carmen are gorgeous. I would highly recommend it. The problem is, according to financial research, most American vacations result in debt.   The Average American Vacation Ends In Debt Playa Del Carmen was absolutely stunning. The waters of the Mexican coastline along the Yucatan are lined with turquoise colored water, bright white sand beaches, and tropical breezes. I saved for my vacation so I had nothing to worry about. Yet, a study by LearnVest conducted a voluntary survey about their financial habits. According to the study, the average person’s debt for a trip totaled $1,108 dollars. Also in the survey, 32% of participants said that saving money for vacations is a priority. Yet, less than half of them are able to do so. Now there is one issue I have with this study, it only included one thousand people. That’ a very small sample size for the population of this country. But given the debt crisis that this country is in, it’s not surprising that something like a vacation will add to a person’s debt. Travel Is Can Lead To A Lot Of Debt As evidenced by this study, travel can lead to a lot of debt if you’re not...

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Debt Payoff Update For June 2017

Reaching a major milestone, still no debt snowball effect, and coming to terms with my new budget. All things considered, I’m feeling pretty good about this month’s debt payoff update. This is the third month into my debt get off the floor decision. This month I hit a pretty big goal despite having a pretty big setback last month. The bummer is that I’m still trying to forge ahead and start my debt snowball. Debt Payoff Update For June 2017: Goodbye Nagging Lawyer Fees A year and a half ago my wife and I filed for separation. Almost one...

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Know Your Debt!

Do you know your debt? Or does your debt know you better than you know it?  The first step to tackling your debt is getting to know just how bad things are. For me getting to know my debt was alarming and shocking. Here is the sad truth to my debt. Get To Know Your Debt! This is my first post on this blog. I started this blog to help keep me more accountable of my debt and how well I’m paying it off.  For those of you that are interested in my story of why I started this blog,...

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