A massive data breach at the credit monitoring company, Equifax has exposed the private information of 143 million Americans. That’s nearly half the United States. Here’s what happened and how to find out if your information was stolen.

Equifax Security Breach

The credit monitoring company Equifax has suffered a massive security breach. The private information of millions of United States citizens were stolen including their social security numbers. Other information also included their names, birth dates, addresses, and in some instances, their driver’s license identification numbers.

Leave it to a credit bureau that helps assign credit scores and monitors credit to have their credit stolen. This begs the question, is any data safe anymore? Or is it just a sign of the times that at some point, our identity will be stolen.

How To Find Out If Your Information Was Effected Through Equifax’s Security Breach

According to Equifax, my information was one of the millions of people who had their information potentially stolen. There are two ways to find out if your private information was stolen:

  1. Call Equifax: 866-447-7559
  2. Head over to http://equifaxsecurity2017.com where you can fill out a quick form to see if your information was stolen.

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After filling out the simple form you will be directed to return to another website on a following date to find out more about your stolen information.

The Worst Part About The Equifax Security Breach 

According to CNN, the executives of Equifax dumped stock before the knowledge of the security breach was released. There’s nothing like company executives making out on the potential misfortune of millions of Americans.

The Good News About The Equifax Security Breach?

If there is any…. A multi-billion dollar class action lawsuit was filed today. Stay tuned.

Was anyone else effected by the Equifax security breach?


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