How I’m coping with feeling unmotivated, progress on furnishing my apartment, divorce fee update, and where I stand on my debt pay offs. Where do I stand? $92,971.47 more to go!

The first half of July I spent a great amount of time feeling a little bit unmotivated in regards to my debt payments. I honestly don’t feel like I’m making any progress against the headwinds. Here’s an update from my quarterly financial review in the end of June. 

Spending Goals

Divorce Fees:  

Last month I talked about the uncertainty of how much I’d have to face when it comes to divorce fees in lieu of a pending divorce. So far, it looks like the divorce process is going to be done without lawyers. For me, this is great news! Without getting into too many details at this moment in time, my ex and I had separated once and tried to work on our marriage during that year. During that period we had cancelled our divorce, and now we’re starting from scratch again with the divorce filings. From the initial separation, I was carrying some lawyer fees which are now paid off.

In July I had to file my portion of the divorce paperwork which amounted to $435 in court fees. WHAT!? That much just to have somebody who sits at a desk and stamp and file some papers!? Sigh.

The good news:  I have a very small emergency fund: about $1800. I pulled the court filing fees from my emergency fund so that I wouldn’t have to stress out about pulling that money out of my monthly income.

Even better news: I was able to replenish $442.65 back into my emergency fund.

The Apartment Furnishing:  

My single life apartment if finally starting to feel more like home. After selling a bunch of stuff on Offer Up I was able to get a television. I also used Amazon Prime to purchase a TV console for $90 during an Independence Day sale that normally sold for over $200.  In the end of July I finally bout a bed frame for my mattress off of Wayfair. I’ve been sleeping with my mattress on the floor since May so I can’t tell you how incredibly good it feels to be sleeping in a regular bed.

On a side note: I strongly believe that Amazon Prime is a must have for anyone in debt and trying to save money.

My War Against Debt

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I’ve been feeling a little discouraged when it comes to my war against debt. My debt is so overwhelming that I just don’t even know where to begin with the extra money that I have. My biggest annoyance right now is my car loan. Each month I pay $571 on my car (I know!!!). The loan that I have on my car only has two years left with 0% APR. So everything that I pay is strictly the loan. I think I’ve decided to pay anything extra off towards my car strictly because it’s such a huge chunk of change. When I’m done with that, I can apply it to my credit card debt.

Here’s how my current debt spreadsheet looks at this time:

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