Is anyone out there familiar with the app Offer Up? The app is great on finding some pretty good deals. Recently I wrote about my experience finding a used item when I was refusing to pay full price for a trash can. Selling items on Offer Up however, is a completely different story. Selling items on Offer Up is like bringing out the absolute worst in stupidity that humanity has to offer. So far I’ve managed to come across five types of annoying people on Offer Up. Here they are.

Five Types Of Annoying People On Offer Up

1. The Low Baller

I understand that people are trying to find a good deal. However, when you come at someone with an offer of less than two-thirds the original asking value, you look like an idiot. Take this person Robert, for example. His counter offer was even more ridiculous. He even acts like he was doing me a service by coming to pick up my item.

I’m sorry, but if you really can’t afford close to the asking value of an item, then you can’t afford the said item. Work some more shifts at work then get back to me. Or just look for something cheaper. Unfortunately, this app is full of people looking to pay nowhere near fair market value for items.








2. The Disappearing Act 


One of the next most common types of annoying people on Offer Up are the ones who display a tremendous amount of interest and then go off the grid. I haven’t decided what types of people I hate more, the cheapskate or the disappearing act. Both are despicable bottom dwellers of society in my opinion.

The disappearing act on Offer Up expresses a tremendous amount of interest in the item being sold, then suddenly goes into ghost mode when it comes time to actually get serious about the item. Take Diego for instance.  Diego expressed a lot of interest in my item being sold, even asked for the item to be held at HIS convenience, then couldn’t even respond to say he wasn’t interested. There’s just nothing. No response. It’s purely mind baffling to me the type of idiots that society is made up of.





3. The One Afraid Of Commitment 

A little less annoying than the disappearing act is the one with lack of commitment due to prior obligations. This type of person is also quite annoying on Offer Up. The one with lack of commitment is often a precursor to the disappearing act Based on their responses, it often makes you wonder why they’re even bothering messaging you or looking for items if they’re not sure that they can commit. This type of person is wasting your time and theirs. You might frequently get such messages like, “I’m really interested in your item if x, y, or z pans out for me.” Another frequent message is, “Hey, I really like your item but I need to talk to my spouse first!” Usually that means you’ll never hear from the person again as they then evolve into the disappearing act themselves.







 4. The Random Question Person 

This type of person on Offer Up is annoying because of the confusion surrounding their messages. This type of person will often send you a one sentence question. Their question usually indicates a nibble of interest of some sort. Following the initial question the person then disappears into a black hole. Their random questions often make you wonder WHY THE HELL THEY ARE WRITING YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE!?











5. The Flake 

I’ve only had one experience dealing with a flake but it was enough to make my blood boil. I was trying to buy a pair of Macbeth Shoes and I had been in contact with someone all day long. The situation was pretty perfect, I was to meet them at an agreed upon location while on my way home from work. The only person is that the person pretty much stopped responding and then never showed up.









What Kind Of People Have You Come Across On Offer Up?

Sometimes I have no idea where some people come from who use this Offer Up app. Poor parenting? What’s the deal? Despite the difficulty, Offer Up can still be a great app for selling items to make some extra money. Does anyone else have any rough experience with buyers on Offer Up? Please share your stories, I’d love to hear them.

P.S. If anyone can reference me to a place that I could find some Macbeth shoes, please let me know.