Recently I was talking about one of my debt payoff setbacks. The big setback for me included having to rent an apartment. I’m coming off a separation from my wife and I have about half of a furnished apartment. The rest of apartment furnishings I’m attempting to pick up here and there. I’m also trying to do it without breaking my bank. What I’m finding is that some things are so ridiculously expensive. Like trash cans!

Why  Are Trash Cans So Expensive!?

Trash cans seem like an unnecessary evil. I see myself as too “high maintenance” to purchase a plastic kitchen trash can. I don’t really have space for a small one under the sink. Because of that, I’d have to put it in the kitchen. A closed lid would be ideal because I don’t want the smell permeating into the rest of the apartment. I also don’t want some ugly looking piece of crap either. To my surprise a decent trash can for what I’m looking for is fifty bucks at the bare minimum. Even on Amazon!

Dropping fifty to one hundred bucks on a trash can just doesn’t make any sense to me. I mean, I get it – a company has to make a profit on something that people generally don’t buy that often. I’d like to compare buying trash can to the buying of a car: let someone else take the hit on it. Once it’s used the value goes down tremendously. Another question I have: why is it so imperative to spend so much money on something that holds trash!? Something that holds trash!  

So what did I do?  

trash cans expensive

Say hello to my sweet new trash can that didn’t cost me an arm and a leg. Why are trash cans so expensive?

Well, because I just moved into a new apartment, I’ve been perusing the app Offer Up quite a bit for any items that may come in handy to me.  Wouldn’t you know it, a stainless steel trash can in near perfect condition appeared for only twenty dollars. That saves me anywhere between thirty to eighty dollars that I would have spent on a new trash can. Put that in your pipe and smoke it SimpleHuman.

How To Find A Cheap Trash Can

  • Well ,you can do what I did and check Offer Up. Some comparable avenues would be Let Go or Craigslist.
  • Check Amazon.  If I wouldn’t have lucked out on Offer Up, I was about ready to pull the trigger on Amazon. I have Amazon Prime and I utilize it quite regularly for cheap options and free shipping. I stocked my kitchen with an amazing knife set through amazon.

Best Trash Can Deals 

These are some of the best stainless steel trashcan deals I could find through Amazon. If a used trash can isn’t you’re thing and you’re still trying to find a good deal, I would suggest to start looking here.