I recently had a major setback to my war on debt: renting an apartment. Rent in San Diego is incredibly high and for a while, I’ve been avoiding it like a plague. Living rent free was something I was no longer able to do and had to bite the rent payment bullet.

Rent In San Diego Sucks

Starting this month I will now have a huge setback to my war on debt. This setback will also be a huge chunk of my monthly budget. As I mentioned in my May Debt Payoff Update, I started renting an apartment. Apartment rent in San Diego is one of the most expensive in the entire United States. I managed to find a decent one bedroom apartment in a safe and quiet part of town for $1,780/month. I would imagine there’s a good percentage of people reading this who think paying that much for a one bedroom apartment is absolutely crazy. Well, I know, rent in San Diego is incredibly expensive. However, San Diego isn’t a city I plan on ever leaving despite the high cost of living.

A little back story:

About a year and a half ago my wife and I separated. When that happened I moved in with my aunt. While I was there I was practically living rent free. Unfortunately, she recently passed away. In lieu of her passing I now need a place to live.

Affordable Rent In San Diego

Affordability of apartments in San Diego does not exist. According to San Diego Magazine, as of 2016 the average rent for a one bedroom apartment is $1,634 and $2,030 for a two bedroom apartment. Climbing rent in San Diego doesn’t stop there as each year prices continue to go up.  Sure, I could move to a cheaper city, get a roommate, or live in a crappy part of town, but that’s not ideal for me. I have no interest in moving to another city, living with a slob, or having someone in my personal space. I’m too old for that.

How Rent In San Diego Will Affect My Budget

While rent is going to take up about a third of my monthly income, it’s doable. Paying that much on rent is just frustrating to me because I’d rather own property. My long term goals are still the same: save up for a down payment for property, work to begin a debt snowball, and keep from increasing my debt. Here’s to more overtime and extra shifts at work!


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