One month into my debt get up off the floor decision and I am $587.40 closer to being debt free! I have just about $100 thousand more to go! ha

Debt Payoff Update

A few months ago I had asked my mom for an airplane ticket to their house out in Hawaii. There were some lawyer fees that I had coming up so I wasn’t able to take care of of the plane ticket myself. Some debt enthusiasts might question why I even needed to go to Hawaii in the first place. The trip was mostly for pleasure. My parents are selling their house – the home I grew up in. I wanted to be there one last time. It was a nostalgic reason for travel but trip was incredibly worthwhile. After all, how many people can say they have a free place to stay in Hawaii?

Fortunately, even though $587.40 added up to my debt tally, it was quickly paid off and stricken from the record.

Next debt goals: conquering my lawyer debt that I owe.  All $2730 of it.

Long term debt goals: Getting to where my debt will snowball. I’ve never experienced the debt snowball effect. I have some extremely high credit card balances that would benefit me the most in getting to a zero balance. I know there are some who would suggest tackling that first. A smaller victory may be needed. My smallest student loan might be the first victim.

My April Debt Update:   

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