Are you nursing debt? Nursing debt is the process of letting your debt get out of hand and debt taking control of your life.

What Is Nursing Debt?

For those who don’t know, I accumulated the majority of my debt while I was in nursing school. Since I graduated in 2011, I have been making just the bare minimum payments on not only my student loans and my credit card installments. However, I recently had a get up off the floor moment when it came to my debt. I realized that for the last several years I have been nursing my debt.

Nursing Debt 


transitive verb 

1. To make only make the minimum payments towards debt; whether it be student loans, credit cards, or any other form of debt. 

Why Is Nursing Debt Bad?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that paying the bare minimum when it comes to debt payments is a bad thing.

  • Nursing debt along for years prolongs the life of your loan.
  • Nursing debt along means you waste more of your hard earned money on interest rather than on things you might enjoy or paying off other debt.
  • Nursing debt along lowers your total monthly cash flow.

what is nursing debt


For me, the moment hasn’t yet come that I’m able to start paying more than the minimum required payments on my debt. But it’s right around the corner. The sooner I can stop nursing debt and instead, start killing debt, will be a good day. Until that day arrives I will be doing the best I can to save up money to be taking care of some of my other debt (such as lawyer fees that I currently owe.