Do you know your debt? Or does your debt know you better than you know it?  The first step to tackling your debt is getting to know just how bad things are. For me getting to know my debt was alarming and shocking. Here is the sad truth to my debt.

Get To Know Your Debt!

This is my first post on this blog. I started this blog to help keep me more accountable of my debt and how well I’m paying it off.  For those of you that are interested in my story of why I started this blog, you can read more about that here. . I have not been doing a good job over the last several years. Here is where my current debt stands as of March 2017.

Why You Should Know Your Debt

Without knowing your debt it’s impossible to know your situation. I needed to know how bad my bleeding was. I needed to know how much money was going out each month to bills. Finding out the amount of debt I was in infuriated me but it also helped me come up with a plan to keep tack of my finances.  I was also able to learn about the terms of my loans and my interest rates.

When you found out about your debt how did it make you feel? What did you learn? What steps did you take?

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